Inspiration for a Harmonious Home

December 16, 2018

Ever since Alexandra, our founder/interior designer finished curating her collection of sustainable, natural fabrics (contrary to popular opinion ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’ aren’t one and the same), we started offering a made-to-measure service to our clients in our concept store ‘Capanni lifestyle’ in Amersfoort. In the past few years the lovely makers in our team have made the most beautiful lampshades in all sorts of shapes and sizes (and did you know that there are many different kinds of lampshades?), cushions and throws and have overseen the making of curtains and the upholstery of chairs.

Our mission is to inspire you to create an interior in which colours don’t clash, but match or complement each other in order to create a truly harmonious atmosphere. This is why we started our concept store; to create a place where you could find everything you needed to create just that in your own home, without having to change every single thing in your interior. It is why Alexandra created her own colours in the shape of chalk paint and lime paint and why she spent years searching for natural fabrics in matching colours. It is also why we decided to offer a made-to-measure service for soft furnishings in our store, as well as a collection of ready-made lampshades, cushions, throws and other items.

We’ve very excited to tell you that we’re working hard behind the scenes to make it possible for more people to get a hold of what they need to bring that much needed calm and harmony into their homes; so, in the new year we’ll be launching the ‘Arte di Vita’ online shop! In our online shop all of our chalk paint, lime paint colours and natural fabrics will be available for purchase as well as a selection of made-t0-order unique, handmade home furnishings. To begin with, delivery will be limited to the EU. We like to start small, but really, the sky is the limit! In the run-up to the launch we’ll be sharing images of our paint and fabric matches from a still life photo shoot we did recently with our in-house photographer Rosanne (Rosie Reports). Don’t forget to follow us or sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to keep up to date about the launch of our online shop and to be the first to receive home inspiration ideas and behind-the-scenes footage!



Image above shows a few bespoke handmade items; a chair upholstered in our natural fabric ‘Soothing 01’, as well as a lampshade and curtain made with this fabric; a very heavy linen perfect for upholstery and curtains. Most of the colours in the ‘Arte di Vita’ chalk paint collection ‘Soothing colours’ match this fabric.

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