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Colour Still Life Editorial – Per Lei

January 13, 2019


Interior decorating has a lot to do with ‘inspiration’. If you’re not inspired, it’s difficult to know where to start. Our aesthetic is based on ‘ton-sur-ton’; according to our founder and interior designer it’s beneficial to use one or similar tones in an interior, because it creates a harmonious, calm atmosphere. If you use a colour like blue, pink or red, it’s important that the colour isn’t bright or harsh but muted. This colour can be used as an ‘accent tone’ in your interior, complemented by ‘base tones’ like white or beige or grey (‘neutral tones’). The accent tones can be used for walls and furniture, cushions, lampshades, throws and curtains. The base tones can be used for walls and furniture, skirting boards, ceilings, staircases, mantelpieces and floors.

We thought long and hard about ways to offer you inspiration; how to capture in an image the way in which our paint and fabrics can be combined. In the end we came up with a ‘Colour Still Life’ editorial; a series of images taken according to the ‘Old Master’ style, inspired by our Dutch roots, in our concept store in ‘Amersfoort’, an old building with beautiful large sash windows with a lot of natural light streaming through.

Nowadays we’re so used to creating and consuming content at break neck speed that you start to wonder how much of what we see rushing past we actually take in? With every photo shoot we plan, we take our time, because a lot of work goes into it. Also, we want the content we create to be an honest, authentic reflection of our actual products and services; our paint, fabrics, interior design and holiday accommodation. It’s almost impossible to avoid the rat-race of social media these days, but we do our best to stay true to ourselves. So, we will also take our time sharing our content with you. You are the reason we created it, and we don’t want to overwhelm you or rush you, but inspire you. Beautiful things are meant to be savoured, aren’t they?

This time we’re excited to share with you a few combinations or matches featuring our colour ‘Per Lei’, which is available in both chalk and lime paint. This colour can be beautiful in a bedroom or living room, because it gives warmth without being too feminine. Stay tuned for more ton-sur-ton and complementary combinations of our paint and fabrics!


This image shows our chalk paint ‘Per Lei’ combined with our fabric ‘Cortona Per Lei’, 100 % linen with a width of 310 cm and a weight of 311 g/m2.

This image shows our chalk paint ‘Per Lei’ (on the wooden panel) and our lime paint ‘Per Lei’ (on the easel), combined with our fabric ‘Cortona Per Lei’ (100 % linen).

These two images show our chalk paint ‘Per Lei’, linen ‘Cortona Per Lei’ and lime paint ‘Rose’. We took some lighter and some darker images to be able to show you how the colours appear in different lighting situations, during the day or in the evening or on a dark Winter’s day.

Last but not least; this image shows our chalk and lime paint ‘Per Lei’ combined with cushion, lampshade and chair upholstered in our fabric ‘Old Mauve’, 100 % stonewashed hemp. Soon available in our online shop; paint, fabrics and home furnishings such as shown in this image (except for the chair).



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