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Colour Still Life – Muted Pink

February 26, 2019

For this week’s blog post we’d like to show you one of our beautiful pink tones; nr 16 ‘Muted Pink’. Alexandra, founder and creative director of Arte di Vita has described every one of the colours she created: “‘Muted Pink’ is one of the pink colours I call healing colours. This colour is the softest of all my pinks. Used as an accent in a room combined with white, it will have a calming effect on people who are ill. I have worked a long time to create this pink that can be seen in an evening sky. It’s a replenishing colour if used in a bedroom together with one of our pink fabrics.”

In the following editorial we will show you how you could use this colour in your interior, with which fabrics and other paint colours it could be combined. Of course there are more possibilities than what we’ve shown here, but this is how we feel the colour would be used to its best advantage.



This image shows ‘Muted Pink’ with its exact match; our linen ‘Cortona 16’, a beautiful, stonewashed linen very versatile in use; from curtains and roman blinds to bed- and table linen, thanks to its width of 280 cm.



A light version of ‘Muted Pink’ with our linen ‘Cortona 16’, and a darker version, to give you an idea of how the colour changes depending on the light that shines through the windows in your home.



This image shows ‘Muted Pink’ with our linen fabric ‘Cortona Muted Pink’, also a great match. This beautiful extra wide linen (310 cm) with grizzled finish is absolutely lovely for curtains, roman blinds, table cloths, throws or bedspreads, but also very suitable for cushions or lampshades.



‘Muted Pink’ (chalk paint and linen) can be combined wonderfully with white, as we’ve shown in this image with our chalk paint nr 4 ‘Still White’ and our linen fabric ‘Summerbreeze Ivory’.



Other colours that could be great with ‘Muted Pink’: 18. Grandma (another one of our pink tones) and 2. White Moustache, one of our whites (on the small easel on the table).



Here you see it all together: our chalk paint nr 16 ‘Muted Pink’, our linen ‘Cortona Muted Pink’, our linen ‘Cortona 16’, chalk paint nr 4 ‘Still White’, linen fabric ‘Summerbreeze Ivory’ and chalk paint nr 18 ‘Grandma’ and nr 2 ‘White Moustache’ on the small easel.

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