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The Soothing Colours

March 12, 2019

Wellness Colour Palette

Our founder, interior designer Alexandra van Cruyningen, created eight beautiful calming tones of blue/green chalk paint, some with more hints of blue and others with more hints of green, to be used in rooms to create an atmosphere with a soothing effect on people. We also have a collection of ‘soothing’ natural fabrics that match these soothing colours exactly. These colours are perfect for nurseries, nursing homes, hospital rooms or just at home for that much needed peace and quiet.

36. Lake Trasimeno
37. Healing
38. Zen
39. Fresh Air
40. Riposa
41. Cottage Green
42. Infinity
43. Mermaid

In this blog post we’ll focus on the first four colours and in the coming weeks we’ll share the other colours.


This image shows our chalk paint nr 39 ‘Fresh Air’ on the intricately carved panel, chalk paint nr 37 ‘Healing’ on the small easel on the table, nr 42 ‘Infinity’ and nr 43 ‘Mermaid’ on the canvases on the wall and our fabrics ‘Soothing 03’ (left) and ‘Capri 03’ (right).


In this image we’ve added our linen fabric ‘Verona 38’ to the table and placed our chalk paint nr 38 ‘Zen’ on the small easel on the table.



In this image we’ve added our chalk paint nr 36 ‘Lake Trasimeno’ to the small easel on the table and draped our linen fabric ‘Soothing Healing’ which is an exact match with our chalk paint nr 37 ‘Healing’ over the chair.



The fabric on the peg is ‘Soothing 03’ and the fabric draped over the table is ‘Soothing Healing’. The canvas on the wall is soothing colour nr 36 ‘Lake Trasimeno’.

There is only a slight difference between these colours, which is even more difficult to see in a digital image, but the difference is there! The best way to see it, is by holding paint and fabric samples up to the light. Because the colours are so alike, they can be used interchangeably. Of course the colours change depending on the light in a space. Soothing colour nr 38 ‘Zen’ is greener than the other colours and so is the fabric that matches this paint colour, ‘Verona 38’.

Could you use some help to decide between colours? You can always get in touch for some colour advice! Drop by our studio in Leusden, the Netherlands on Saturday or make an appointment for Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Or simply give us a call!

You can shop this look on our ‘Get the Look‘ page!

Or view our entire ‘Soothing Colours’ collection here.

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