Bespoke Home Furnishings

April 14, 2019

As you probably know by now, as well as chalk- and lime paint and our collection of natural fabrics, you can also shop our small collection of handmade home furnishings designed by our founder/interior designer Alexandra van Cruyningen. The home furnishings are made by hand by our talented makers with a lot of care and attention to detail in our studio in the Netherlands. We use our own collection of natural fabrics, of course, consisting mostly of linen and hemp fabrics which have been sustainably produced in European mills part of the ‘Masters of Linen’ association. These unique handmade home furnishings such as lampshades, cushions, throws and curtains are available in a selection of our natural fabrics, based on the nature of the fabric and the purpose of the design. Not every fabric is suitable for curtains, for instance.

For residents of the Netherlands we also offer a bespoke service for home furnishings including curtains, as well as the upholstery of furniture, using our fabrics. So if you’re looking for cushions or lampshades in a different size or shape or with a different finish than those available in our online shop, get in touch! Curtains with several different headings, roman blinds, chair covers and cushions, etc.; we can help you furnish your new interior with our beautiful linen and hemp fabrics in muted colours.

If you’d like to place a bespoke order, get in touch via phone or e-mail so that we can make an appointment for a visit to our studio, where we can show you our selection of natural fabrics and curtain lining fabrics. In the case of an order for bespoke curtains, we’ll arrange a date to take measurements in your home.

Don’t forget to check out our Bepoke Home Furnishings page.


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