Timeless Elegance

July 28, 2019

Today on the blog we’d like to tell you more about how our interior designer decorated the living room of our holiday apartment ‘The Rectory’ in Tuscany.

First of all, we’ll share a ‘before’ image.

The doors and cupboard doors in the living room used to have this dark orange shade, which matched one of the colours used in the fresco but our interior designer felt that this shade was far too overpowering and didn’t complement the beauty of the frescoes.

So, we painted the doors with our chalk paint nr. 9 ‘Dove‘, a soft grey shade. Now we’ll share a few ‘after’ images!

The soft grey shade matches the colour that was used to paint the sky in the frescoes and gives the entire room a far calmer atmosphere, thereby putting the frescoes at center stage again.

The sofa and chairs are by sofa.com, the chest of drawers is by Hoffz Interior (and so are the lamps). The lumbar cushion and throw are part of our collection of home furnishings, made from our linen fabric ‘Elba Natural’ (available online). Our interior designer decided to keep the decor neutral, to keep the focus on the frescoes. She added a few cushions made from a warm red for a touch of cosiness.

This is a still life featuring a panel (on the left) painted with our chalk paint nr 9 ‘Dove’, which is also a great match with our linen fabric ‘Summerbreeze soft grey‘ and our chalk paint nr 4 ‘Still White’ (panel on the right) and our fabric ‘Summerbreeze Ivory‘ (the napkin on the table). These paints and fabrics are available in our online shop!

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