Autumn Inspiration

September 9, 2019

Summer is nearly over, Autumn is at the door, so with the nights getting colder and more rain during the day, we’re looking ahead for some interior inspiration during the Autumn months.

During our ‘Colour Still Life’ editorial shoot we paired our linen fabric ‘Lucca 13’, a supple but strong linen in a warm grey tone, with our chalk paint nr 13 ‘Cobblestones’ and our lime paint ‘Cobblestones’. The large panel and the small canvas against the wall are painted with our chalk paint ‘Cobblestones’ and the small rectangular canvas against the wall is painted with our lime paint ‘Cobblestones’. The lime paint on the wall itself is ‘Doleriet’, also a great match with our ‘Lucca 13’ fabric.

On the right a moodier image with a tea light, to show how these colours would look on a dark day in your home. On the left a brighter image to show how they would look on a brighter, sunnier day.

In this image we added our linen fabric in a neutral colour ‘Lucca 08’ (hanging from a peg on the wall) to the mix, as well as our chalk paint nr 8 ‘Baileys’ and our lime paint ‘Winter’ (the rectangular canvas next to the big panel).

During darker days you could opt for a brighter interior, so as not to be too affected by the lack of sunlight. But embracing the darker days by adding darker colours to your interior could also have a very beautiful and cosy effect, if you add lots of tea lights and soft, natural materials.

We hope we have inspired you a little, and would love to hear what you think of darker colours in your interior during the Autumn months. Would you dare to embrace the darkness or do you prefer lighter, brighter colours during those days? Leave a comment below.

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