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Chalk or Lime?

September 23, 2019

Autumn has arrived with a certain temperature drop and leaves are slowly turning yellow and orange. This is the time to enjoy the beauty of the changing season during a nice walk and to come home to curl up in a chair by a window with a cup of steaming cocoa to watch the wind play with the leaves outside.

Autumn is the season when we shift from outdoor living to indoor living, and we don’t know how that works at your place, but we often start by painting a wall and rearranging accessories.

Our range of paint consists of 45 colours of chalk paint and 32 colours of mineral-based lime paint in muted calming tones that arose from the vision that colours are important for both mind & body. We often get the question what the difference is between our chalk- and lime paint. This time on our blog we would like to tell you a bit more about their specific qualities.

This image shows the difference between chalk paint and lime paint very well. The wall has been painted with our lime paint ‘Doleriet‘ and the panel in front of it with our chalk paint nr 12 ‘Burberry Coat‘.

Chalk paint

Our chalk paint has a matte, powdery or ‘chalky’ (hence the name) effect because of its consistency as well as the muted colours (‘toned down’, pastel-like but with more depth of colour). 
It is water-based, which means that the paint has been made using water as its solvent, rather than chemical solvents. It is safer to use than solvent-based paints and has a lower odour and dries faster. The colour pigments used are synthetic, however and the paint is acrylic, so it is definitely not natural. Our chalk paint can be used on walls indoors as well as untreated wooden furniture.

Here is an example of the effect of chalk paint on wood; we painted this wooden headboard with our chalk paint nr 8 ‘Baileys‘.

Lime paint

So whereas our chalk paint is definitely safe to use in any room in your house, we recommend our lime paint if you’re looking for a completely eco-friendly alternative. Our lime paint is 100 % natural because it is mineral-based. Because of its high water-vapour permeability it’s very suitable for application in farm houses or old buildings. Lime paint regulates moisture which is why there’s less chance of moulding.

Lime paint gives a subtle and velvety look (due to the varying levels of pigment absorption) with a lot of depth and shadowy effect. It is made from limestone that’s been crushed, burned and mixed with water in order to make a putty, which is then aged and thinned with water. It has a hypoallergenic quality, removing odours and harmful CO2, thereby improving air quality indoors. The lime is coloured using mineral pigments in powder form. Selling it in powder form, as we do, contributes to its eco-friendliness.  Lime paint can be applied on both walls indoors and outdoors and untreated wooden furniture for a beautiful effect.

Should you have more questions about our chalk- and lime paint or would you like us to advise you about your specific project feel free to contact us!

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