Casa Capanni, a beautiful old manor house in the Tuscan countryside, went from their yearly holiday accommodation and house of their dreams to their actual home, which they could decorate in their own style, and by opening its doors as a B&B it could become a home away from home for other people. They started taking turns running the place, dividing their time between their homes and work in the Netherlands and the B&B... 

...of how a bunch of friends from the Netherlands went on an adventure

...of how they discovered the art of living more in tune with nature

Living in Tuscany does something to you, even if it's only a few months every year, so they became inspired and felt the need to share with others how to live more ‘slowly’ and consciously, in harmony with your surroundings. So from life in Casa Capanni, the heart of the business, originated Arte di Vita - Italian for 'the art of living' - the name for their interior design, paint and fabrics...

...of how the 'Arte di vita' concept expanded in ways they could never have imagined

Not long after the opening of the B&B, they were able to take on an old workers' cottage next door, which they decorated and turned into a self-catering holiday home. Guests kept asking where they had found the bedlinen, soft furnishings and furniture and mentioned how tasty our olive oil was, so the idea for a concept store was born...

...of how the bunch of friends found their HQ in their home country

After one year in a different town, they found the perfect home for their concept store: a beautiful monumental building in Amersfoort. They called the store 'Capanni lifestyle' after Casa Capanni. Now they had an HQ in their home country where they could introduce their concept to more people and guests who had stayed in the B&B could re-create the interiors they had grown to love. 

...of how their story isn't finished!

Never a dull moment, they recently got the opportunity to take on the old rectory of the village church, also in the same street as their B&B. They decorated it in their style, designed and built their first kitchen. 'The Rectory' is available to rent as a self-catering holiday apartment for 4 people. Who knows what the next chapter will be? They hope you'll be a part of their story as they do what do they do because they love creating beautiful, soothing interiors for you to slow down in. 



the story

"master the art of living"