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The Arte di Vita chalk paint collection consists of 45 muted colours, created and mixed by hand by our founder & interior designer Alexandra van Cruyningen in cooperation with our Dutch manufacturer. Alexandra took her inspiration from nature and the light in Northern Europe and Tuscany. The beautiful calming tones arose from the vision that colours are important for both mind and body. Our chalk-based paint stands out because of its excellent cover, firmness after drying and its pleasant lemony scent.

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Available in the following sizes:
250 ml: €13.50
1 liter: €36.95
2.5 liters: €73.95

Because a computer screen can't offer an exact representation of the colours, we recommend ordering our hand-painted chalk paint colour chart or sample cards of our chalk paint colours. These small hand-painted paper cards (8.6 x 5.5 cm) are free of charge (if you order a maximum of five sample cards). 

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When the chalk based paint is diluted with water, it is possible to give wooden surfaces a transparent coating of colour. 

Another possibility to protect chalk based paint is wax. This gives a light shine and deepens the colour. It can be applied regularly to an intensively used surface. Arte di Vita wax is available in natural, white and brown. The coloured waxes are mostly used to create an effect on items of furniture or a rustic, worn or antique look. 

Arte di Vita chalk based paint on walls

Arte di Vita chalk based paint on wooden surface

The paint has a matte, velvety effect on walls indoors. Arte di Vita chalk based paint can be applied directly to walls with 1 or more coats of paint or wallpaper. The coverage is excellent, the paint has a pleasant lemony scent and can be cleaned when dried. The chalk based paint is available in 45 inimitable colours. Make sure that the wall you are going to paint is free from grease, dirt and dust. Repair any damages and make sure there are no loose wallpaper edges. Stir the paint thoroughly. Apply the paint undiluted with a brush or roller. Always use the wet-on-wet painting technique, also in the corner from wall to ceiling. Use a brush for the upper edge and use a small roller for the first part. The rest of the wall can be painted with a larger roller. When the first coat is dry (1-3 hours), it’s possible to apply a second coat, but usually one coat will suffice. Clean painting equipment immediately with water. The paint has an 8 to 10 m2 yield, depending on the surface.

‘Prutje’ is a completely natural beeswax remover, easy to apply. Just apply a thick layer with a flat brush, let it be absorbed for 24 hours and wash with warm water and a brush. Your wooden item of furniture will be completely rid of beeswax, oil and even most stains and is ready immediately for a finish with paint, wax, a wash or varnish. Has the surface been treated with a stain, then it needs to be degreased thoroughly and sanded as deeply as possible or at least until the layer has become completely matte. Clean with thinner. To make sure that any residual oil in the stain won’t work through the paint, it’s advisable to apply a coat of primer before applying the chalk based paint. ‘Prutje’ can also be used to remove most stain residues.

Veneer is a rather smooth surface and is difficult to roughen. We advise sanding the surface lightly and treating it with a proper coat of primer. A surface that has been treated with chalk based paint or (paint) polish, can be degreased and lightly sanded before applying the first coat of paint.

Something that applies to all surfaces: degrease before painting. In case of painting a decorative object, for best results apply two coats of chalk based paint. Don’t dilute it and apply with a brush or roller. Arte di Vita has good flat brushes in several sizes. In case of painting a utensil and to avoid scratches or greasy stains so in order to harden and close up the surface, mix the chalk based paint with 20 to 50 % of Arte di Vita matte varnish. This makes the surface scrub- and scratchproof. We advise a quarter of a litre varnish to 1 litre chalk based paint. The paint’s matte look will be maintained this way. With a 1 to 1 ratio (for very intensive use) the colour will be somewhat darker. In case of a much-used surface like a table top, apply two coats of matte varnish on top of the coat(s) of chalk based paint. This insures a durable scratchproof finish. The matte, powdery chalk finish is lost, though. The original colour will darken a little.

The surface decides what treatment is necessary before painting. Is it covered with beeswax? This has to be removed first. Beeswax protects the wood from within and so the wood is heavily impregnated with it. The paint will usually not cover beeswax very well, and if it does there’s a significant chance that after a while the beeswax will break through and cause stains. Recently, Arte di Vita has discovered a new user-friendly and eco-friendly solution: ‘Prutje’ (Dutch for 'goo')

natural beeswax remover




other surfaces

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10. five minutes rest


8. baileys

7. greige

7. greige


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