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We specialise in creating calm, harmonious spaces. Soft, muted colours are essential in our designs as well as natural materials and fabrics. Alexandra van Cruyningen, founder & interior designer, designs interiors with her clients' physical and mental wellbeing in mind.   

the art of living harmoniously

interior design

We take on private homes of any shape and size. You can call on us to decorate one room in your house, a set of rooms or your entire house. Together we can realise the interior of your dreams! Please get in touch for a non-binding offer or simply to discuss ideas and to see how we can help you.
Areas of expertise:
Interior design
Soft furnishings & upholstery
Colour consultation
Paint & fabrics

interior projects

for private individuals

You can use this space to show viewers your studio space, show off your beautiful products, or simply share more about what you do. These sections can be deleted or rearranged however you like. 

Mr. Bingley was obliged to be in town the following day, and, consequently, unable to accept the honour of their invitation, etc.

soft furnishings

for hoteliers, innkeepers, B&B owners

b&b dream

Due to our experience in setting up and successfully running B&B Casa Capanni and Casa Fiore for six years in Tuscany, we can assist entrepreneurs in any country in Europe with the interior design of their B&B, boutique hotel or holiday home. The more attractive the design, the more guests will be attracted to stay and return. We can also assist with other aspects of the trade such as regulations, inventory and so on. Please get in touch for a non-binding offer or to discuss ideas and to see how we can help you.