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Do you own a store and are you interested in becoming a stockist? Or are you an interior designer, interior decorator or stylist and would you like to work with our paint and fabrics? Read on to find out more about our paint and fabrics and to discover the possibilities we offer!

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Our chalk paint is water-based, low in VOC and gives walls and wooden furniture a matte, powdery or 'chalky' finish. Our paint dries quickly, is low in odour and has excellent cover. It's available in 45 muted colours, created by Arte di Vita's founder & interior designer from the vision that colours are important for both mind and body. It was a conscious choice to keep the range of colours on the smaller side, because people generally tend to have difficulty deciding which colours to choose.
Our lime paint is a natural, mineral-based paint made with lime and mineral colour pigments. It's VOC free, moisture-regulating, hypoallergenic and gives walls a velvety, shadowy texture. The paint is available in 32 beautiful colours, 8 of which are also part of our chalk paint range.

Why choose our Paint?

chalk- & lime paint

Arte di Vita lime paint

lime paint on external surfaces

A natural, ecological paint with a traditional character. This mineral paint has a high water vapour permeability. Because of this permeability the paint is very suitable for application in farm houses or old buildings, because it regulates moisture and as a consequence there’s less chance of moulding. Because of the varying levels of pigment absorption, the chalk paint gives a subtle and velvety look. It is advised to apply a special primer for lime paint on the wall. The lime paint is applied wet-on-wet in two layers. Simply start at the edge of the ceiling with a small, flat brush and then with a lime-paintbrush all the way down. The drying time is 1-6 hours, depending on air humidity and temperature. As soon as the first layer is dry, you apply the second layer. Please mind the fact that the lime paint is quite dark during application. The intended colour becomes visible during the drying time. Lime paint also allows good adhesion to non-treated wood or MDF, giving wood an aged and robust character. The mixing of the lime paint is very simple. Add the pigment to 1,8 litres of water and stir. Then add the chalk and mix well. A package with 2,5 litre covers 10 - 15m2.

Lime paint is eco-friendly, traditional and sustainable and is very suitable for the renovation of old buildings. The - unpainted! - surface should be 100% mineral, in order for good adhesion to take place. Mineral surfaces are; concrete, cement, stone and bricks. When mixed, lime paint can be stored and used for a few months. The paint is applied with a lime-paintbrush, which is available in 18cm width for outside walls. Lime paint is always applied in two layers. During application and for at least the next two days, you need dry weather. Be aware that you need to apply the paint wet-on-wet in order to prevent colour differences during the drying process. Avoid unfiltered sunshine on the wall during application, because it may change the colour.

Clean the surface using a high-pressure hose. Wetting the wall before application of the paint gives you more application time. Application in sunlight or on a warm, dry surface could burn the chalk paint, which will result in less adhesion. The drying time per layer is 1-6 hours, depending on air humidity and temperature. When the paint colour has become lighter, the paint is dry but not yet cured. The curing takes place through air. In the carbonation process with CO2 the lime paint eventually petrifies. This process takes 1-3 months. Lime paint is a breathing, moisture regulating and absorbing paint. Because of this, the paint can darken in wet weather and lighten again when the wall dries. This is part of the lively character of lime paint. The wall can be repainted with a single layer after a few years. Direct repainting is only possible with lime paint. The lime paint can be removed using a high-pressure hose.

custom wholesale package

Choose which products you'd like to become a reseller of. Would you like to be a reseller of both our paint and fabrics, or would you prefer to be a reseller of just our paint or just our fabrics? It's possible! 

natural fabrics

Our fabric collection consists of 100 % linen (including stonewashed linen) and hemp in colours that match the Arte di Vita paint colours perfectly. We believe that the use of matching colours in an interior decides whether the overall look is harmonious. The fabrics are produced honestly and ecologically in Europe. The collection consists of fabrics suitable for upholstery, curtains and soft furnishings, ranging from light to heavy. The width of the fabrics ranges from 135cm to 320cm. Every fabric has been selected with care and is durable and of high quality.

ecological & sustainable

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