Beauty in Simplicity

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This time on our blog we look back at our last photo shoot, when we were still allowed to come together. We had fun creating our own backdrop, organising and planning the shoot and taking beautiful photographs of our products. Right now we are forced to walk a slower pace and so we come to realise what is most important in our lives.

Meeting friends and family and spending time together definitely is high on that list. Being inside, now more than ever, we realise the importance of a calm and harmonious home. It's important to surround yourself with colours and products that contribute to your wellbeing. With all the stress caused by the pandemic due to the Corona virus we have to take extra care of our physical and mental health.


There is beauty in simplicity. The Per Lei colour we chose to put in the spotlight is a colour that truly says that for us. Combined with wooden furniture or floors, natural fabrics in matching colours and your own personal belongings it will turn your home into a safe haven.

We made the backdrop by using both Per Lei chalk- and lime paint in a creative way, so the effect shown is not what you would actually get by painting your wall. But it does show the lovely tone and feel of the colour.
The fabric draped on the left is our linen fabric 'Cortona Per Lei' and displayed on the table are our handmade linen napkins in 'Garda Natural' and 'Cortona 19'. All of them match the 'Per Lei' paint colour.


Being a neutral colour, 'Per Lei' becomes warmer or colder depending on the colours you choose to combine it with and the light in a room. Shown home furnishings and paint are of course available to you in our online shop. 

Stay home and stay safe!

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