Colour Still Life - Baileys

This week we’d like to share a new look from our ‘Colour Still Life’ editorial. The panel in the image has been painted with our chalk paint ‘8. Baileys’, which is one of our neutral colours. The fabric that’s a perfect match for our ‘Baileys’ chalk paint (draped over the chair) is ‘Lucca 08’, which is a beautiful medium lightweight linen that’s suitable for making throws, bedspreads as well as cushions or lampshades. It’s very broad (310 cm), and therefore it’s also perfect to make large tablecloths or curtains with.

Our ‘Baileys’ chalk paint can be used on walls indoors but also wooden furniture. It’s a great colour to use in living rooms and bedrooms and would also look great on large expanses of wall, like in a loft space. If you’re a fan of natural colours and if you love natural fabrics and earth tones, use ‘Baileys’. The colour of ‘Baileys’ is like a sandy beach (and like the signature drink it’s named after) and combines beautifully with wooden floors. Our interior designer recommends painting a wall in your living room with Baileys, placing a white or off-white sofa in front of it and putting cushions made with our ‘Lucca 08’ fabric in the sofa.

By the way, if you’re wondering which lime paint we’ve used on the wall which functioned as the backdrop for our photo shoot; it’s ‘Doleriet’. It goes with almost any one of the colours in our chalk paint range!

Our chalk paint ‘8. Baileys’ and our linen ‘Lucca 08’ also go very well with our chalk paint nr. 13 ‘Cobblestones’ (bottle on the table) which we also have in lime paint (on the easel on the table) and chalk paint nr. 7 ‘Greige’ (shown on canvas on the wall).

These neutral, beige colours are great if you want to create a natural look in your home. You could also combine them with more outspoken colours. Stay tuned for more colour combinations in the coming weeks! Only a few more days till the launch of our online shop, so soon you’ll be able to shop the look and use it in your own way, in your own home.

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